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Spanish students, working cooperatively with Google apps for education, would like to make it easy for you (NGA students) to understand the lyrics of the wonderful video we have published on this site and we have prepared this presentation which is about the content of that video. We hope you like it!

Also, we have translated it for you: 

Sometimes I see you and I think of the miracle that means that you are alive and then I think of the long road that awaits you and I’m afraid. You know, things are not going very well in this world that has arrived and the truth is that it has never been and should not be so, that’s what I say to myself every day, it should not be like that. The planet is dying, the air and oceans are being contaminated, animals and forests are dying out, the economy is collapsing, the presidents lie to us, the politicians who should be more correct are the most corrupt, the countries are always at war. Every day a larger number of bullets are fired than the number of shared arms. In this fastened and globalized world we quickly change our way of entertaining ourselves, our technologies, our ways of making war, our weapons but peace is the only one that has never changed, it has always been the same.
To make girls believe that if they wear make up they will be beautiful, to make men believe that sex is a must and if you do not think that you are a failure. We are so concerned about believing and pretending to show what we would like to be because society always insists on saying that we are not enough.  And they say money is the root of all evil, but the root of all evil is our greed. Being simple is not accepted. At school they cultivate kids intelligence to make them shrewd, clever, intelligent and competitive. School tells us to learn and learn, do not question, share, compete, be different, be the number one. And everybody tells us to fight in order to be the best but nobody says: fight for us to be equal! Our knowledge has made us arrogant, our cleverness makes us tough and strong. And we are so concentrated in our own little world, in our small private misfortunes, in our small private problems, and because of that we can not live with others and we can not live with ourselves. And every time we ask someone how they are, we all answer: "I'm fine", but nobody is really alright, the truth is that inside we all feel bad, almost always drowned in a silent despair, pretending. And no one understands us because nobody understands himself. And changing these things is something that we never try and to resign ourselves is the way we always handle our problems, and everyone says "hey, the world is like that, you have to adapt." For I think that it is not a sign of good health to be adapted to a deeply sick society, the idea of ​​change is nothing more than a romantic thought, almost ridiculous, and it should not be so, and I see all this and I repeat "it should not be So "and I ask myself what is the solution to all these hemorrhages of chaos and disorder that reigns and I can’t find the solution. But then I remember your little face, and your beautiful smile gives me the answer.
Love is the answer, yes, love, true love, without interest, unprejudiced, love is the most powerful force in the universe. The love of atoms aiming to create life which causes them to come together, let’s get together too. The greatest quality of the human race in not that we are the fastest, or the strongest. We are able to work together to achieve a goal, let’s make our goal be Peace in the world. We have mastered the art of war, let`s master the joy of living. We can be soldiers of love and our weapons be good feelings. That our new religion is goodness and that the only universal language is kindness which is the source of pride and compassion and is always in fashion. The only way to deal with this world without love, is to love so unconditionally that our mere existence is an act of rebellion. The human being is equal to the ocean, if we see its surface we will see many different types of waves removing storms and tempest. But if we look into the deepness, we will see that there is only calm and peace. In the same way, if only we could see ourselves beyond our Surface, we would see that I’m not Peruvian nor you’re Chilean nor he’s Syrian or French, nor he’s Christian or Muslim, nor white or black. Just that we’re all the same. That inside us, there’s only peace. The world is asunder by mental walls and if we see it as a whole we will believe that it  is impossible to overturn them, but if each one removes a single brick sooner or later that wall will fall, and sooner or later the world will know Peace, and that word will no longer be a romantic idea. But a reality and when that day comes we will be able to feel really satisfied and calm we will see the eyes of our children. Instead of waiting for that great person to arrive, worry about being that great person, You are the change that you want to see in the world. Your life isn’t a movie, the script isn’t  yet written, we are the writers of this great story and at this moment the one with the pen is you.

If you aren’t you, then who?

If isn’t now, then when?

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